King Bob Willis Hitchhiker Letterbox

Ten of us met at RPI this weekend to remember Bob "Bob" Willis, King of the RPI games club back in the late '70's. I planted a hitchhiker letterbox in honor of him. The stamp is one of the symbols of the Cosmic Lunar Cult. Here's hoping this hitchhiker will travel far and wide and eventually return home.

Location: check here. Started at the (then-missing) "Why Not Change the World?" letterbox in Troy, NY
Planted by: Eric Haines, The Beholders
Date Originally Planted: September 23, 2007
Found in: Elon, N.C., April 12, 2008
Found in: Folly Beach, S.C., December 1, 2008
Last found in: Saluda Shoals Park, Columbia, S.C., January 27, 2013

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